Wynnewood Civic

WCA Meeting on Thursday, September 27, 2012 at 7:30 PM at Lower Merion High School

Welcome back to the Fall season of the Wynnewood Civic Association.  We hope you beat the intense heat of the last few months and that your summers were great!
It’s now time to get back to business. Please mark your calendar and note the change of meeting date and location from what’s usual. Instead of meeting on the fourth Tuesday at All Saints Church, we are meeting this month on the fourth Thursday, September 27, 2012 at 7:30 PM at Lower Merion High School in the library located on the second floor. We’ve invited our sister civic association, Shortridge, to join us. We have much to discuss about our ongoing discussions with LA Fitness and Federal Realty about their continuing insistence that the shopping center operate 24/7. This week’s Lower Merion Zoning Hearing Board meeting on this subject has been postponed so the civics can meet with LA Fitness and Federal. We may be able to report back to you on the outcome of our talks at the September 27th meeting.
Meanwhile, we have a packed agenda. First, we’ll have some brief welcoming remarks from Don Walsh, head of athletics at Lower Merion, who’ll tell us about the school’s athletics program. Next, we’ll have a really exciting presentation by WP Realty about the new Whole Foods. This will be your first chance to officially see the plan and comment on it before it is formally heard by the township. WP Realty is eager to get your feedback, so please use this opportunity to provide commentary that will help make this project even better. We also may have a presentation about the proposed apartment development on Sibley Avenue next to Cambridge Square (near Trader Joe’s). Cambridge Square neighbors are facing a very difficult situation, and they may need our vocal support.
In addition, we’ll have a very abbreviated regular agenda. We also need to decide if and when we are going to do a train station clean-up, and we need to get our Fall newsletter in the mail no later than the end of October. As you can see, we need all hands on deck so please plan to attend this very important meeting. If you can’t make it, let us know.
Thanks very much. Hope to see you on September 27th. Please pass this email on and bring neighbors who are interested in the work we do at the Wynnewood Civic Association!

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