Land Use Focus

cropped-dsc_2165.jpgWynnewood is a very special place.  Unlike newer developments across our country, we still enjoy having the ability to walk to shopping centers to buy goods and services from businesses owned mostly by our neighbors.

With close proximity to Philadelphia and a growing population, there is constant demand for development in our community.  We welcome development that improves the quality of life for our residents and community holistically.   We also appreciate the negative impact specific types of businesses can have on our community.  For example, chain stores can weaken local economy, erode community character and impoverish civic and cultural life* Therefore, we have worked diligently over the years to resist this type of development.  

The WCA has continuously monitored commercial and residential development and uses our collective voice when needed to bring awareness to and to prevent development that may deteriorate the quality of our neighborhood.  We also keep members appraised of development efforts in-flight and planned.

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