Pedestrian Safety & Traffic Concerns in Wynnewood

lm trafficCertain intersections in our area have long been dangerous crossings for pedestrians. This was certainly demonstrated last week when a pedestrian was hit in front of Lower Merion High School. WCA Board Member, Daniel Marien-Efron, recently presented some specific areas of concerns in Wynnewood, along with several suggestions for improvement. The WCA has reached out to Dr. McGrath, Superintendent of LMPD, Dr. Marseille, Acting School Superintendent, and Dr. Gilbert, President of the School Board, listing our concerns and indicating a need for change.

Mr. Marien-Efron’s presentation on Pedestrian Safety can be read here and LMHS traffic concerns, here.

Since this initial presentation, the LMHS school zone has been expanded with increased signage, left turn restrictions off the Church Road bridge has been moved from 4pm to 3pm, and a multi-stop intersection has been put in at Woodside and Mill Creek Rd. 

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