Wynnewood Civic

New Whole Foods Coming to Wynnewood Road!

Well — the cat is finally out of the bag. We’re getting a brand new Whole Foods store on Wynnewood Road! Cheryl Gelber, Carole Strickland and Teri Simon met with WP Realty and went over the plans for the store. While the devil is always in the details, the amount of care WP Realty and Whole Foods have put into the plan is evident from the drawings we saw. What an optimistic start to this process!
As we understand it, this Whole Foods will have a pub, and there will be underground parking, which will be just great. WP’s plan showed good landscaping and good buffering for the residential neighborhood behind the proposed new Whole Foods.  We have a lot of work before us, but unlike so many projects we’ve seen, this is a very good beginning to the upcoming demolition of the site and the lengthy land development process that is now before us. And — we repeat, the devil truly is in the details. But for now — so far, so good! We can expect that WP will be a guest at an upcoming civic association meeting so stay tuned.
Here’s a link to a good article from the Ardmore Patch about the new store: http://ardmore.patch.com/articles/new-wynnewood-whole-foods-other-buildings-demolished-wp-realty

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