Safety Focus

IMG_2382We are very proud to live in a community that is safe and secure.  Wynnewood enjoys a high level of safety due to the vigilance of our government, residents, business and community organizations.  The WCA is committed to ensuring that we maintain a safe and secure environment. We know that no community is 100% safe.  Therefore, we keep close watch on specific safety concerns and petition local government when action is needed.

Traffic problems in Wynnewood continues to increase. Commercial developments such as the new Whole Foods, new residential such as the conversion of the old YMCA as well as the Lower Merion School board’s choice to overload LM with a disproportionate number of students vs. Harriton, is simply increasing the danger.

The civic association traffic committee along with commissioner Gelber have been working diligently to minimize the danger to the residents of Wynnewood.  This is critical as according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS), ( for the last 10 years for which data is available 2003-2012, on average there have been 2.5 deadly accidents involving motor vehicles each year on township streets.

During that period there have been 3 deadly car accidents between Penn Rd. and School House Lane.  This is the second largest clusters of deadly accidents in the township behind the 8 deaths that have occurred on Rte. 1 City Ave, during that same period.  

In addition to monitoring traffic safety, we also listen to and give a platform for residents and other community organizations to voice their safety concerns.  We often post notices from residents and community groups to keep you informed about happenings in our community.  

Learn what we have been doing to keep our community safe here.

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