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School-BusLower Merion School District is perennially one of the nation’s best.*   This ranking is due in part to the great educators and administrators in the school district, and in part due to the parents, neighbors and community that makes substantial investment in the system.  

Recognizing the importance of the school district to our community, the Public Schools Committee of the Wynnewood Civic Association has been an active participant in the Lower Merion School District for many years.  Our members have and continue to attend and report on School Board meetings, serve on numerous school district/community committees, and act as liaisons between neighbors and schools on various issues.   The committee will continue this work as they monitor and report on developments this spring, when the school district begins to address the redistricting necessary to balance elementary school populations and create equal feeder patterns for the new high schools.

The Wynnewood Civic Association is monitoring several issues regarding the 2015 – 2016 upcoming school year.

  1. The main concern, which has led to other problems, has been the reinstatement of the walk zone.   It has resulted in more students at Lower Merion H.S. than at Harriton H.S. The projection for the 2015-2016 school year is 1223 for Harriton H.S. and 1445 for Lower Merion H.S.  
  2. The additional students at LMHS will require more classroom space, which will entail restructuring the Administration building.  The difficulty associated with the construction site requires the removal of student, faculty, visitors and bus parking.  This is to make space for the construction vehicles.
  3. As a result of the construction and the removal of parking there will be an increased flow of traffic as well as on street parking. This will take place on both sides of Montgomery ave on Owen. The north side of Montgomery avenue will be inundated with cars looking for parking.  They will be on Owen,Powell,Hamilton and Wister Roads. With on street parking comes speeding,trash, as well as blocked driveways.

The new Superintendent of schools, Robert Copeland, is planning community meetings on the following dates:

Sept. 29: 6-7:30
Oct. 4: 2-3:30
Oct   14: 8:30-10 A.M.

These meetings will take place in the auditorium at LMHS.

An additional activity of the Public Schools Committee is the conferring of the WCA Gilbert and Dubois Community Service Awards.  The WCA is proud to recognize two graduating students, nominated by their peers, whose ongoing activities exemplify the spirit of community service.  Look for the names of these special honorees each June.

Learn more about WCA’s relationship with the LMSD.

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