Wynnewood Civic

Lower Merion Zoning Hearing Board Meeting on September 20, 2012 about LA Fitness and its 24/7 Hours of Operation Postponed!

This is breaking news — the Lower Merion Zoning Hearing Board meeting scheduled for Thursday, September 20, 2012 has been postponed at Federal Realty’s request.  The civic associations have been actively engaged in this issue since it arose in July. While we have been united in our opposition to 24/7 hours of operation for LA Fitness and the Wynnewood Shopping center, we have been extremely conciliatory in our efforts to engage Federal and LA Fitness in constructive dialogue about the future of the shopping center and its hours of operations.
We are hopeful that this postponement will give the civic associations time to reach a resolution with LA Fitness and Federal Realty. Any resolution, though, must fully balance the need to preserve the unique quality of life enjoyed in our residential communities while at the same time recognizing Federal’s and LA Fitness’s commercial need to have some flexibility in its hours of operation. Stay tuned — there will be more to come!

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