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Coyotes in LM!

From LM Township:

The Board of Commissioners wants residents to be aware that there have been several confirmed coyote sightings throughout Lower Merion Township with the most recent being in the Villanova area.

A coyote is a medium sized predator, it is an opportunistic feeder and extraordinarily adaptable to a wide range of habitats. Coyotes thrive in suburban/urban as well as rural areas, and will utilize whatever food is naturally available, including small animals, birds, insects and fruits, as well as artificial sources such as garbage, pet food, birdseed and compost. Residents should take precautions to eliminate any food sources in their yard and neighborhood to avoid creating problems with coyotes. Pet owners are advised to keep cats indoors, and dogs under control during the day and in secured kennels or indoors at night.

Coyotes are typically shy and elusive, however if observed, avoid the animal and notify the Lower Merion Police Department by calling 911 or 610-649-1000. If you have any other questions regarding coyote contact the Animal Warden at 610-645-6215.

The attached link to the Pennsylvania Game Commission Website also provides further information on Coyote in our area. http://www.pgc.pa.gov/Education/WildlifeNotesIndex/Pages/ECoyote.aspx



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