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Township Nears Completion Of Revised Noise Ordinance

After more than two years of discussion and public meetings, the township Board of Commissioners has drafted a revised noise ordinance that appears to be a major improvement over the existing regulations.

At a meeting two weeks ago, the commissioners agreed on the wording for a new noise ordinance. The board will conduct a special Building & Planning Committee meeting on July 5th at approximately 7:50 p.m. to verify the final language and authorize it to be publicly advertised.

A final vote on adoption is scheduled for the July 19th commissioners’ meeting.

The revised ordinance in its present form is very close to what was recommended two years ago by Dr. Carr Everbach, a nationally renowned acoustical engineer and professor at Swarthmore College. Dr. Everbach was retained by the township three years ago to assist the commissioners and township staff in the ordinance revision process.

We are providing links to Dr. Everbach’s report and the latest version of the revised ordinance.

Everback report to LMT 9-15-14

Noise Ord revised 6 28 17

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