Wynnewood Civic

News You Can Use!- New Walkway Open

We are happy to report the walkway the WCA advocated for at the new Starbucks –Republic Bank Plaza is nearing completion.


This walkway connects the new shopping area with the inbound train platform and obviates the need to cross Penn Road to get to the train station. The developer is completing the landscaping on the walkway but lights have been installed along it making its use easy and safe after dark. Because our neighborhood is one that walks, the WCA understood the importance of providing a safe way of getting to the new shops along Wynnewood Road from the train platform without having to cross Penn Road, a known hazardous crossing for pedestrians.


Along with Township Commissioner Cheryl Gelber, the WCA and many neighbors advocated vigorously for this improvement during the planning and approval process for the Starbucks – Republic Bank – Whole Foods development along Wynnewood Road. We are pleased to see it come to fruition.  Take advantage of this new amenity when walking in this area, and let us know what you think!
On a related subject, the WCA and Commissioner Gelber continue to urge the township and the developer to remove the infamous “bump out” installed several months ago at the end of Penn Road which eliminated the right hand turn lane and has seriously impeded the flow of traffic. We continue to believe that the “bump out” has done nothing to enhance pedestrian safety while seriously disrupting traffic flow. We will keep you posted on developments on this issue.

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