Wynnewood Civic

Want to know what’s going on at the Merriam Estate?

WCA Presents Q&A Meeting on Merriam Estate Construction
When: April 19th at 7:30 pm
Where: All Saints Church, 1325 Montgomery Ave, Wynnewood


It’s finally begun! As most of you have noticed recently, construction has begun on the former Merriam Estate property adjacent to Wynnewood station. When it’s finished it will be known as the Reserve at Maybrook and will encompass 250 apartments in three buildings plus a parking garage for more than 400 cars. It will also have things our neighborhood hasn’t had before: a public walking path through the grounds of the development itself, access by community groups many times a year to the beautiful Maybrook mansion, and grounds that will be reforested, replanted and restored.

It’s been more than 15 years since this project started moving through the planning and development process.  But it’s been more than 60 years since your Wynnewood Civic Association began fighting to make sure the development at the Merriam Estate was done in a manner compatible with our fine neighborhood.

We know many of you have questions about what is being built, how the construction will affect the neighborhood and what we can expect when the project is complete. Please join us on Tuesday, April 19th at 7:30 p.m. in the auditorium of All Saints Church, Montgomery Ave. and Gypsy Lane, Wynnewood, for an informative meeting with the developer and our commissioners. We thank Charlie Houder of Haverford Properties, the developer of the project, for agreeing to attend this meeting to tell you about his plans. Also present will be Commissioner Cheryl Gelber, who has worked on this project since 2000, along with Commissioner Liz Rogan whose district encompasses the project and who was a member of township staff at the time the project came into the township. Also present will be Teri Simon, former WCA president, and now vice president who, along with Commissioner Gelber, was a member of the facilitation committee from 2001 to 2003 that came up with this plan.

Please note this project is proceeding with full township approval. The issue now is how we can minimize the impacts during the next two years of construction to our neighborhood and after that, how we can handle the additional traffic completion of the project will bring to our neighborhood. The WCA also wants to gain assurance that the architecture and the design of the project will harmonize with the beautiful and historic nature of our North Wynnewood area. Only strong community interest and participation will insure that the final product is a great benefit to our area – and not a detriment – so please join us on the April 19th!

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