Wynnewood Civic

Amtrak Philadelphia Zoo to Paoli Electrification Transmission Line Project

Wynnewood Civic Assoc. was present at the Consulting Parties’ meeting hosted by Radnor Township HARB (Historical Architectural Review Board) on September 2, 2015 for this project. Also present were representatives of Lower Merion HARB, the Lower Merion Historical Commission, Lower Merion Historical Society (“LMHS”), Shortridge Civic Assoc., Amtrak and its contractors, the State Preservation office and Pennsylvania Railroad Museum and Radnor Township staff.

The first phase of the project to upgrade our local Amtrak electrical transmission lines to provide consistent service throughout the corridor is anticipated to begin at Paoli in the early part of 2017 and proceed east through Bryn Mawr, assuming funding is confirmed before then.

A brief meeting synopsis: The current Bryn Mawr substation will be demolished and new substation built with the same type of cladding material, color and texture that currently exists; the new catenary poles do not require guy wires and will about 60’ tall (compared to the current average 45’) except at bridges, where they will be somewhat higher; the old catenary structures will be removed; a tree trimming impact minimization plan will be developed; the existing historic train stations (including Wynnewood) will not be physically affected; and annual reports on scheduling and progress will be prepared.

The Railroad Museum is willing to work with LMHS on any preservation documentation that may be desired.

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