Wynnewood Civic

How are your Boxwoods looking? Boxwood Leaf Miner

Unfortunately, residents in Wynnewood have been reporting that their boxwoods have been heavily infested with boxwood leaf miner. This is an insect that lays its eggs within the leaves, its larvae hatch within the leaf and consume large parts of the leaf interior, creating blisters on the leaf, and stress to the plant. It can be treated, but needs a systemic as sprays don’t work as the insect is inside the leaf. Most boxwoods in the area are susceptible to infection.

imageIf you have boxwoods on your property, please be on the look out and read this article on how to actually hear them before you see them. (http://plant-pest-advisory.rutgers.edu/can-you-hear-me-knockin/)
If you do find them, they are treatable.  Besure to contact an arborist for advice on treatment.

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