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Another reason to attend Tuesday’s meeting — LA Fitness in the old Borders space?

Here is the notice received about the proposed new use for the old Borders space.  It is a LA Fitness that will be open until midnight during the week. Please let us know ASAP what your thoughts are about this use which is proposed right in the middle of a quiet residential neighborhood. If we are going to comment on it at the Zoning Hearing Board meeting on July 12th, we  need to get your input immediately. Thanks.

RE:  proposed fitness club use (LA Fitness) at the former Borders Book Store

A zoning application has been submitted seeking a special exception to convert the former Borders Book Store into a fitness club.

Owner and Applicant: Federal Realty Investment Trust 

This application is tentatively scheduled for the July 12th ZHB session. A pdf of the application is attached.  If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know. 

Michael Wylie, Zoning Officer

Building and Planning Department

Lower Merion Township

75 E Lancaster Avenue, Ardmore, PA  19003


1 thought on “Another reason to attend Tuesday’s meeting — LA Fitness in the old Borders space?”

  1. Sadly, I never go to a gym, but I don’t see anything wrong with them opening there. It’s obviously a longstanding commercial space. Frankly, I surprised they need a zoning exception for what is obviously a commercial building. I wouldn’t get into a huff over them being open until midnight. That doesn’t mean they’re packed, just that it’s open. The Genardi’s is open late as well and I don’t think that’s an issue. Plus, there’s plenty of capacity in their parking lot. I just hope they don’t drag this applicant through hell. It’s tough enough getting businesses started let alone profitable in this economy. I do think your statement of the gym being built “right in the middle of a quiet residential neighborhood” is just a bit exaggerated based on a complex that borders Wynnewood road and Lancaster ave.. In any event, it’s not my property, nor my business, so I wish them the very best of luck!!!

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