Wynnewood Civic

First WCA Meeting of 2012, Tuesday, January 24, 7:30PM @ All Saints’ Church

Greetings WCAers: First, a very Happy New Year to all! I hope your holidays were happy and bright and that your new year has started well.
Next, a huge welcome to all of our new board members — we are delighted you have joined us in our collective efforts to preserve, protect and enhance the beautiful and gracious community in which we live. Thank you for agreeing to join us — your neighbors — in what promises to be a very active year for the Wynnewood Civic Association. The old year ended with our Dunkin’ Donuts victory but has started with some new development clouds that appear to be just over the horizon. We’ll talk about the latest word on the street at our meeting on the 24th.
The first meeting of the year will be a time for those of us who have been on the board for awhile to introduce ourselves to our new members and to describe the work we’ve done as a civic association over the last 75 years (not that any of us have been around that long!)  We’ll also talk about our committee structure and ask each board member — new and returning — to sign up for a committee. At the meeting, you’ll be given a copy of the 2012 board calendar of important dates and a board directory to keep for your records. Please come with your questions and your enthusiasm for the important work 2012 already has for us to do!
Welcome back to all — returning board members and new recruits! May peace, health and happiness be our wish for a productive 2012 as we embark on the important work awaiting us.

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