Wynnewood Civic

Report on Dunkin’ Donuts Hearing.

Cheryl Gelber, Teri Simon and Carl Watson from the Shortridge Civic Association attended the Dunkin’ Donuts hearing yesterday in Norristown which lasted several hours.  The judge heard testimony and listened to the arguments of both sides.  The judge, interestingly enough, seemed to understand from his own experience that Dunkin’ Donuts is a take-out restaurant and not a sit-down one.  There is an important legal issue for judge to decide about how the township’s grant of the change of use to Dunkin’ Donuts in January has to be handled under the law.  It’s an interesting issue, and it will be just as interesting to see how the question is decided.  Gil High, Lower Merion’s solicitor, did a very good job with the facts he had — he offered a strong explanation about why the change in use was granted in the first place that we can only hope will be persuasive to the court.  Mayur Patel, the owner of the franchise, was in the courtroom as were the two lawyers he had representing him from the firm of Fox, Rothschild.  Stay tuned.

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