Wynnewood Civic

Important LM Planning Commission Meeting on City Avenue Rezoning, 11/10/11.

The Lower Merion Planning Commission is holding a special meeting on November 10, 2011 to give its recommendation on the proposed City Avenue Rezoning to Lower Merion’s Board of Commissioners.  The WCA has taken a very strong position that a master plan for the area must be completed to guide the proposed rezoning before it is approved by the board. The proposed rezoning could add more than 11 million SF of additional building space to the City Avenue corridor between the expressway and Belmont Avenue, creating a very dense, urban pattern in our suburban community. For more information, check out the Main Line Times and Philly.com. Both news outlets have had excellent articles in the last few weeks about this proposal.  Also check out the website of our sister civic association, Merion Civic, for an entire on-line library of materials (under “News”) relating to City Avenue. You can find Merion’s website here: http://www.merioncivic.org/  

Also, please visit the website of a new grass roots organization, planLM, created by interested Lower Merion citizens to respectfully request that our elected leadership listen to LM’s citizens and engage in a real master planning process for City Avenue. At the planLM website http://www.planlm.org/ you’ll find an on-line petition making this request.  Be sure to sign the petition yourself and circulate it to your friends and family for their signatures. Only the voices of the community will help persuade our elected leaders that planning is important to all of us  — for our entire area.  Ward 5’s commissioner, Cheryl Gelber, and Ward 12’s commissioner, Brian Gordon, have become the leading advocates on the board for planning.  Let’s support them by making our voices heard.

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