Wynnewood Civic

PennDot Planning Changes to Wynnewood Rd Between Lancaster Ave. and County Line Rd.

Thanks to WCA Board Member Carole Strickland for the following report on changes to Wynnewood Road being planned by PennDot.

On Thursday, June 24, a virtual community meeting sponsored by PennDOT took place concerning the safety inspired “Road Diet” planned for the one-mile stretch of Wynnewood Road (designated as State Route 3044 on the graphic) from Lancaster Avenue to County Line Road.  Commissioners Courtney and Durbin attended, along with about 70+ other people.

 A visual of this plan plus the recording of the PennDot information session on it is available on the township website at the following link: 


PennDOT has developed this plan as a safety improvement project.  Reported traffic crashes on this stretch from 2015 through 2019 were in excess of 100.  All traffic studies are pre-Covid.  The plan involves milling, repaving, road markings, and the installation of a traffic/pedestrian light at the intersection of Old West Wynnewood, Wynnewood and Ballytore roads with pedestrian improvements at the intersection of Argyle and Wynnewood. The concrete median on Wynnewood approaching Lancaster will be removed to facilitate the installation of a dedicated left turn lane from Wynnewood onto Lancaster.  Any on-street parking will be eliminated.  Where there’s sufficient room, curbsides will be striped as 5 ft. road shoulders and may be used for bike travel.  It’s all being paid for with a federal grant specifically for safety improvements. 

 The current schedule for this project is:  Advertising for bids – July2021; Letting the project out – August 2021; Project construction – Fall 2021 to Summer 2022.”

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