Wynnewood Civic

Ardmore Train Station – Improvements


SEPTA is planning to rebuild the Ardmore Station to improve accessibility, safety, & customer experience. The permit parking lot will be closed beginning September 15, 2019 and remain closed during construction. The station will remain open during construction. The anticipated duration is 2 1/2 years.

SEPTA has made arrangements to lease the properties at the corner of Ardmore Avenue and Lancaster Avenue to replace commuter parking which will be lost when they close the SEPTA lot behind the Ardmore Music Hall. The Township has been leasing the corner lot for public permit parking and the builder of One Ardmore Place had been leasing the former car wash lot for construction vehicle parking. While SEPTA had leased some space at the Wynnewood Shopping Center to replace the lost Ardmore SEPTA lot spaces they were remote from the Ardmore Train Station and this lot in Ardmore will prove much more convenient for commuters. Township permit holders will be advised to use other Township permit lots (which have available space) when the lot at Ardmore & Lancaster Avenue closes on September 1st to allow SEPTA’s contractor to place new signage and make some lighting improvements.

If you have any questions please contact SEPTA Community Relations at 215-580-8363.


Photo credit Philadelphia Inquirer

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