Wynnewood Civic

Institutional Zoning in Lower Merion

At last night’s WCA meeting, we discussed the importance of the upcoming township meeting featuring Lower Merion’s zoning consultant, DPZ, where the topic of institutional zoning will be discussed. As you know, Lower Merion is drafting a new zoning code, and has hired an excellent firm, DPZ, to do the work. DPZ will be presenting tomorrow night, Wednesday, February 28, 2018 to the Building and Planning committee of the LMBOC. The meeting starts at 6 pm in the 2d floor board room at the Lower Merion Township Administration Building located at 75 East Lancaster Avenue in Ardmore. The public is welcome to attend.

The next day, Wednesday, March 1st, DPZ will be holding a public workshop at the NoBA Workspace at 210 Bala Avenue in Bala Cynwyd. The public is invited to attend that meeting too and to provide comments on the work done by DPZ to date with respect to concepts put forth about institutional zoning.

Here is the agenda sent by the township for both meetings:

2/28 Presentation to Building & Planning Committee

1. Timeline Update
2. Public Meeting Schedule of Code preparation for presentation and review
3. Proposed Code Structure
4. Process Analysis
a. HFA/DPZ’s presentation of existing processes analysis
b. Specific questions for BoC
5. Institutional Zoning
a. J. Lombard’s Presentation of Institutional Zoning Precedents
b. DPZ’s recommendation / proposition for discussion, to include:
(i) Definitions/Classifications of Specific Types of Institutional Uses, including possible standalone zones or overlays
(ii) Permitted uses associated with each type of institutional use
(iii) Recommended standards by stand-alone zones or overlay
(iv) Map locations for each type of institutional use

03/01 B&P Staff/DPZ Follow Up Workshop (9am – 1pm Open to Public)

1. Institutional Zoning
a. Summary Introduction of Institutions presentation
b. Summary presentation of DPZ’s assessment & proposition(s)
c. Additional staff/public comments on zoning details presented

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