Wynnewood Civic

Republic Bank Dims Sign Per WCA Request

IMG_5466.JPGRepublic Bank has toned down its lighted sign on Wynnewood Road in response to requests from the Wynnewood Civic Association.

Republic Bank listened to the WCA’s concerns that the brightly lit sign at the front of the bank property was out of character with our Wynnewood community. Many people had complained about how bright the sign was, and it even became an active topic of conversation on social media. The Shortridge Civic Association joined WCA in requesting the bank to take action on its sign.

“We are grateful to Republic Bank’s management team for their sensitivity to our concerns and their willingness to work with us for the betterment of Wynnewood,” said WCA president Tony Lame. “The Wynnewood Civic Association has developed a positive relationship with its new neighbor, Republic Bank, and we are pleased that our relationship led to a good result for Republic Bank and for the community.”

After learning of the community’s concerns about the brightness of the sign, the bankIMG_5467.JPG arranged for its sign contactor to install timers and dimming equipment on the lighting at the Wynnewood branch. The intensity of the light in the sign has been substantially reduced and it is being turned off completely between the hours of 11 p.m. and 6 a.m.

The WCA thanks all Wynnewood and Lower Merion residents who took the time to voice their concerns about this issue whether directly to us or on social media and also thanks our neighbors in Shortridge who voiced the same concerns.  This very positive development is yet another reminder that an active civic association like the WCA is the best insurance policy any community can have to ensure its fine quality of life is maintained and enhanced so please join us today if you are not already a member!

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