Wynnewood Civic

Merriam Estate Happenings

The WCA forum on the Merriam Estate drew over 130 attendees. Thank you to those who attended.IMG_1134

Charlie Houder, who is developing the estate, held an
open Q & A. Here are some of the topics covered.

  • IMG_1137Cars will be parked primarily in garages, which will have 460 spots. There will be minimal surface parking.
  • There will be a green barrier to shield neighbors & Penn Road
  • Architecture of the apartments will take elements from the mansion
  • Mansion will be available for use from outside groups.
  • The apartments will be rentals, not condos
  • Original Japanese gardens will be restored
  • There will be a fenced in dog park for residents.
  • The property is geared towards older adults and young couples
  • Fire protection: precast concrete garage, apartments are wood framed with sprinklers (to code), the mansion will receive updates to bring it to code.
  • There will be no single homes
  • Service vehicles will enter via Wynnewood Rd
  • Residents will enter via Penn Road
  • The buffer between the Thomas Wynne Apartments and the new apartments will be a minimum of 150′
  • Locals will be unable to cut through the property because it will be gated.
  • A 24 staff presence will exist and there will be a concierge service
  • Penn Road gate will have a lit sign with lights facing development, not neighbors
  • Signage will be understated and tasteful.

Main Line Media had a great write up on the meeting, which can be accessed here.IMG_1138

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