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Traffic Problems at LMHS: Action Required Now before Someone Is Hurt

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The Wynnewood Civic Association (WCA) today called on Lower Merion Township and school officials to strengthen traffic enforcement measures on Montgomery Avenue in front of Lower Merion High School during student drop off and pick up hours.

To illustrate the urgency of this matter, the WCA has posted on its website (wynnewoodcivic.com) a seven minute video documenting serious traffic infractions occurring on a daily basis at the intersection of Montgomery Avenue and Owen Road.

“We have posted the video as part of our public awareness and traffic safety campaign in the hope that steps will be taken to stop the problems at this intersection before someone gets hurt,” said WCA president Tony Lame.

The seven minute video, compiled by Daniel Merein-Efron, chairman of WCA’s traffic committee, shows multiple, blatant traffic violations that have occurred at the intersection in the past six weeks. The violations include:

  • Speeding at 53 mph in a 15 mph school zone.
  • Repeated, blatant red light running.
  • Students forced to walk between cars “blocking the box.”
  • Cars illegally passing stopped school buses with their red lights flashing.

“The WCA has met with township and school officials on several occasions in the past year and a half and a number of positive steps have been taken to improve traffic signage and warnings around the high school,” Lame said. “However, as this video dramatically illustrates, all the signs and warnings are worthless without vigorous traffic law enforcement.”

The stretch of Montgomery Ave. between Penn and Church roads has been the site of accidents on October 1, October 14 and October 20.

“Fortunately, there were no serious injuries in any of those three accidents, but unless the types of infractions shown in our video are halted, it is only a matter of time before someone gets seriously hurt,” Lame said.

Based on WCA’s observations, traffic conditions and violations are most serious between 6:50 a.m. and 7:35 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. and 3:15 p.m. on school days.

The WCA urges the township and the school board to address the situation now.

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