Wynnewood Civic

Update on the Knox Home

Photo taken by the Lower Merion Conservancy
Photo taken by the Lower Merion Conservancy

Our Wynnewood neighbor Lee Quillen reports some positive news about the future development of the Knox Home, located at 718 Sussex Road.

According to Lee, the Knox Home is reportedly under contract. The new buyers are Craig and Mac Brand. If this actually happens, it’s great news! The Brands are the same people currently renovating the William Penn Inn, the church on Athens Avenue and the Methodist Church in Gladwyne.

Lee also says that according to CommissionerAnna Durbin, the Brands will retain and renovate all four class 1 historic structures on the property. No word yet on the open space.

A meeting with the neighbors is scheduled for October 29 at 7 pm at the Knox Home.

Stay tuned for news on future developments.

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