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LMSD’s Strategic Plan is Online! (Public Education)

Please take a moment to look through the Strategic Plan that will be greatly affecting the LMSD over the next five years. Here is the messaging from the school district. The plan is available for public viewing and comment until 11/15.

Here is the introduction to the plan provided by Dr. Marseille, Acting Superintendent of Schools. Click here to read the entire message from Dr. Marseille and here to review the Comprehensive Plan and Strategic Plan. 

Lower Merion School District has been engaged in an extensive, year-long strategic planning process to develop the framework for public education in our community for the next five years and beyond. Simultaneously, the District has participated in a state-required comprehensive planning process, which occurs once every three years. These processes have yielded two plans, a Strategic Plan and a Comprehensive Plan, which are related, but not identical. The Strategic Plan, titled All Forward: Strategic Pathways for Lower Merion School District, is intended to be a living, breathing plan that will serve as the District’s strategic compass. The Comprehensive Plan is a compliance document that is driven by expectations from the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Though the formats are different, content is consistent with regard to descriptions of the District’s goals, strategies to achieve these goals and metrics to measure growth. All Forward is designed to be a more accessible public document.

The District gathered feedback from thousands of community members and assembled a steering committee made up of parents, students, staff, alumni and residents to design and draft content for the plans. The District and the steering committee approached this drafting as an opportunity to think critically about the District’s future.

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