Wynnewood Civic

Tree Tenders Planting

tree 1Please pass on the word that The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society is doing a Tree Tenders planting on Saturday, May 3 at 9 am on several acres where a future out-of-doors classroom will be located on the south side of Arnold Field at Lower Merion High School.

They will be planting 50 1/2 inch bare root trees including white oak, black gum, sycamore, redbud and dogwood, all native trees.

Boy Planting Tree fr JS StockThey are looking for volunteer, particularly individuals who would lead a group of two or three persons to plant individual trees which should take only 5 to 10 minutes per tree.

As they will be busy at the same time planting a larger number of trees at the Henry Lane Park the Tree Tenders  need more help for Arnold Field.

For more information about the Tree Tenders program, and other Earth Month activities offered by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, click here.  Interested in helping out? Contact Alan Wood at http://www.awoodpfr@yahoo.com or 610 716 2120.

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