Wynnewood Civic

Winter Storms, Potholes and Looking to Spring

The weather has been throwing us a lot of snow this year and residents have been spending quality time with their shovels and avoiding potholes. As we brace for the next storm system, heading our way, be sure to remember the following:

1 Sign up for email updates If you are on Facebook, “Like” the Wynnewood Civic Association Page, which posts official and frequent updates from Commissioners and Township staff.

2 Report power outages by calling PECO at 800-841-4141. Check the PECO website for updates on when power will be restored. If you see a hanging wire or anything dangerous, such as a fallen tree, call the Lower Merion Police Department by dialing 911 or 610-649-1000.

3 If you have questions or concerns about parking, snow emergency routes, snow removal, or refuse collection, contact the Township’s Public Works Department by dialing (610) 645-6150 during normal work hours (610) 667-1590, extension 709 after hours.

4 Unless absolutely necessary, stay off the road so that the plows can do their job. Responding to cars stuck in snow limits the Lower Merion Police Department’s ability to respond to other calls since the police cannot leave a driver stranded.

5 If the Township declares a snow emergency, park on the even sides of the street in 2014 and do not park in cul-de-sacs and on emergency snow routes.

6 In accordance with our Township Ordinance, clear sidewalks within 30 hours after the snow has stopped falling. Residents are also required to clear at least one pathway (driveway or walkway) to their residence in case an emergency vehicle needs to enter the property. Do not plow snow from driveways into streets or right-of-ways. Violations are subject to citations by Lower Merion Police Department.

7 Check in on the elderly and neighbors who need help shoveling or are in need of heat, food, or supplies.

8 “Adopt a Fire Hydrant” during and after snow and ice accumulation. Shoveling snow and ice away from hydrants gives firefighters constant access in case of emergency. Heavy snow and ice leads to more electrical fires.

9 “Adopt an Inlet.” It is very important that snow be removed from blocked storm sewer inlets to reduce the risk of flooding during periods of rain

10 Keep in mind that it takes about 18 hours to plow all Township streets after the accumulation of snow and ice stops.

11 For refuse collection, check the Lower Merion Township website to see if trash service is suspended. If you have rear-yard collection and your trash is scheduled for collection, bring curbside for the safety of our refuse collectors.

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