Wynnewood Civic

Notice: Nominating Report for 2014 Officers and Directors

The nominating committee is pleased to forward herewith our  report of candidates to serve as officers and directors of the WCA for the 2014 calendar year.  These nominees were all approved at the WCA board meeting on November 19, 2013. The slate of nominees will be voted on at the December 15, 2013 Annual Membership Meeting.

The WCA Bylaws call for the board to consist of no less than 20 and no more than 30 members. Our report proposes a board of 25 elected members which will allow us to add additional members during the course of 2014 in the event we learn of additional WCA members who are interested in taking a more active role in the association’s affairs.

Nominees for Officers

President – Dan D’Aquila
1st VP – Tony Lame
2nd VP – Carole Strickland
Secretary – Perry Hamilton
Treasurer – Les Wurfel
Nominees for Directors w/terms through 2015

DuPont Guerry – current director w/ term expiring 12/31/13

Susan Hansen-Flaschen – current director w/ term expiring 12/31/13

Lorraine Lopresto – current officer switching to director

Jeff Kahn – current officer switching to director

Martha Lubell- new nominee

Jenny Pahys- new nominee

Daniel Maren-Efron- new nominee

Rosalind Nathanson – past president and board member

The following 2014 directors are retained:

Dave Aspesi
Scott Bernhardt
Rick Bushnell
Bo Ebby
Andrea Goryl
Joel Hirsh
Whitney Hoffman
Ruth Jenkin
Rachelle Kaiserman
Mary Kamplain
Jack Kerr
Bruce Kirkpatrick
Karen Lolich
Beth Laidenheim
Elizabeth Parisoli
Jocelin Reed
Matt Rieke
Teri Simon

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