Wynnewood Civic

September 16, 2013: Meeting with Shortridge Civic Association

Wynnewood Civic Association members are invited to attend the
 Shortridge Civic Association Meeting on:
Monday, September 16, 2013
7:30 P.M.
St. Katherine’s Day School
930 Bowman Avenue (at the curve of Williams Rd. and Bowman Ave.)

1. Civic Presidents’ welcome and announcements

2. LM TWP Police update

3. Update on Federal Realty and the Shopping Center

4. Presentation by WP Realty, E. Wynnewood Rd. Development

This meeting will include a presentation by WP Realty of their planned development of E. Wynnewood Road properties between the Citizens Bank building and Penn Road. WP Realty has submitted their Tentative Sketch Plan to the Township, with a Planning Commission review date pending. The development is planned to be completed at approximately the same time as WP Realty’s Whole Foods Market project located at the corner of Lancaster Avenue and E. Wynnewood Road. WP Realty received Preliminary Plan approval of the Whole Foods development with several conditions proposed by the Wynnewood and Shortridge Civic Associations incorporated into the approval. The civics plan to continue their interactive and productive discussions with WP Realty on this latest proposed development.

Please plan to attend this meeting which promises to be very informative with an opportunity to ask questions and provide input to WP Realty.

If you have any questions, please e-mail wynnewoodcivic@gmail.com.


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