Board of Directors




Directors volunteer their time and resources for meetings and events, and pledge to a two year term.

Get to know our Officers, Directors and Staff.  We asked them to tell us about themselves:

  • How many years have you lived in Wynnewood?
  • How many years have you been a WCA member?
  • Causes you’re most passionate about as a board member: (Land Use, Education, Safety, Beautification, Other. If “Other,” please explain)
  • Anything else you’d like to share in your bio about yourself, family, why you’re part of the WCA?


Anthony Lame, President

Tony Lame

  • Has lived in Wynnewood 42 years
  • Member of WCA for 15 years
  • Causes: Land Use, Education, Safety, Beautification

“For 80 years the Wynnewood Civic Association has been a passionate and dedicated advocate and watchdog for the quality of life in our community. I believe it is more important than ever to participate in the WCA’s efforts to continue to carry out that mission.”


Teri Simon, 1st Vice President

Joel Hirsh, Treasurer

Joel Hirsh

  • Has lived in Wynnewood 24 years
  • Member of WCA for 22 years
  • Causes: Land Use, Beautification, Safety
  • “Wynnewood is a wonderful place to live and raise children thanks to good schools, a pleasant suburban environment and proximity to Philadelphia and all its cultural offerings. I joined the WCA and ultimately the Board in order to help support and maintain the neighborhood that I chose 24 years ago. ”


Perry Hamilton, Secretary

Perry Hamilton

  • Has lived in Wynnewood 36 years
  • Member of WCA for 27 years
  • Causes: Land Use. “Thought it seems mundane, maintaining the railroad station is very important.  It is the architectural focus of our neighborhood.  Our neighborhood is unique in that there are practically no “tear downs and rebuilds”.  Loosing this original railroad station would be a blow to that aspect of living here.”
  • “Because Wynnewood was built with high quality and has remained exceptionally well preserved, it is vulnerable to business that see opportunity to make a fast, easy buck at the expense of this neighborhood’s charm. Though I am ‘pro business’, I resist attempts by businesses to make a fast, easy buck at the expense of the unique charm of our neighborhood”

Matt Rieke, Assistant Secretary

Matt Rieke

  • Has lived in Wynnewood 15 years
  • Member of WCA for 15 years
  • Causes: Land Use, Education
  • “The WCA has been a steadfast supporter and proponent of the wonderful and best part of Lower Merion: Wynnewood”



Beatrice Alemar

Rhoda Antolino

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  • Has lived in Wynnewood 11 years
  • Member of WCA for 3 years
  • Causes: Land Use, Education, Safety, Beautification
  • ” Last of seven children born to a widowed mother in 1933. She stands on my shoulder every day!  I’m still trying to measure up. I give thanks to be able to live in this superior community and want to be part of making it stay that way.”


Dan D’Aquila

Ray Courtney

DuPont Guerry

man_no photo

  • Has lived in Wynnewood 40 years
  • Member of WCA for 6 years
  • Causes: Education


Tom Hayes

Ruth Jenkin

Ruth Jenkin

  • Has lived in Wynnewood 35 years
  • Member of WCA for 12 years
  • Causes: Education
  • “I have 4 children who attended Lower Merion Schools and 5 out of 9 grandchildren are currently enrolled in Lower Merion Schools.”

Kate Johnston

Peter Lockhart

  • Has lived in Wynnewood 21 years
  • Member of WCA for 10 years
  • Causes: Land Use

Martha Lubell

  • Has lived in Wynnewood 38 years
  • Member of WCA for 2 years
  • Causes: Land Use, Education
  • “I am very concerned with the extensive development of Lower Merion and particularly Wynnewood. I hope as a member of the Wynnewood Civic Association I can have a voice in the future of our township.”

Daniel Marein-Efron

Dan Marein-Efron

  • Has lived in Wynnewood 11 years
  • Member of WCA for years
  • Causes: Transportation, Safety and Sustainable development
  • Our family really loves living in Wynnewood. As a Realtor at Keller Williams it is a real joy to introduce newcomers to Wynnewood and describe why it’s such a great place to live and raise a family.  Maintaining the character and charm of the area while enabling change is one of the key challenges facing all the residents of Lower Merion and the reason I volunteer at the at our  Civic Association.

Rosalind Nathanson

Roz Nathanson

Seth Oltman

Carole Strickland

  • Has lived in Wynnewood 29+ years
  • Member of WCA for a long, long time!
  • Causes: Land Use, Safety, Other – Lower Merion Community Watch and crime prevention

Les Wurfel


Sierra Rix

Sierra Rix